Internal rules

The bed an breakfast Les Îles Vagabondes is located in a private property consisting of a private house and its annexes.

In fact, it is not an establishment open to the public. Your hosts live there permanently and welcome you in their home. It goes without saying that it is not a hotel or a related structure.

In our family, respect, privacy and friendliness are part of our culture. That is why we ask you to respect these criteria with regard to us, but also with regard to the other people present on the property and this, in all the spaces placed at your disposal.

As we have similar living habits to all families, and in order to allow us to prepare your arrival, to welcome you and also to prepare your departure:

The arrivals of our travellers are between 5pm and 7pm on the scheduled day. For any arrival earlier or later, a request must be made in advance, by email or telephone, in order to obtain a common agreement according to the availability of each party.
The departure of our visitors must take place before 11am on the scheduled day. This, of course, is to enable us to prepare the reception of the following itinerants as well as possible.
During your stay, you may have to return late in the evening. After 10 pm, we would be very grateful if you could make as little noise as possible out of respect for the people on our property.

Within the guest house “Les Îles Vagabondes":

It is forbidden to smoke, to vapourise and to crap in all the closed spaces, i.e. the rooms, the kitchen area and the SPA Relaxation area. For smokers, we kindly ask you to smoke, vapourise or crap outside, to pour your ashes and throw your butts in the ashtrays provided.
The consumption of alcohol of any kind must be kept to a minimum on the property, out of respect for all other users of the site.

In Saint-Malo, there are many bars with good atmospheres! Yes, yes, and we can even recommend some if you wish!

As we already have animals, we do not accept other animals.
For families, within our property, minors are under the full responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.
We ask our guests to wear decent clothes when moving around our property. In short, walking around naked is not tolerated!
We cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of personal belongings, or for accidents to your person on our property.

Breakfast is served in the kitchen/garden area from 8.30am until 10am.

Again, as we are not necessarily rigid, but can be flexible, for those of our guests who wish to have breakfast earlier or who simply do not wish to have breakfast, a friendly discussion between us can lead to an arrangement, preferably the day before!

The kitchen-garden area is not left at the free disposal of our guests.

The rooms

Our guest room “Les Îles Vagabondes" proposes, in terms of food, only breakfasts in the kitchen-garden. You will tell us : “it is not bad" ! Consequently, in the rooms, it is forbidden to eat.

A small fridge is available in each room to store drinks for example or medicines for some of you. If you have planned a picnic outside the property, this can of course be stored there!
In the rooms you have access to the internet via wifi. Please note that illegal downloading is prohibited. French regulations require electronic communication operators, internet service providers and content hosts to keep the connection data of their users for a period of one year.
All our rooms are nicely decorated. Please respect the objects present.
If a nice party or other event is planned outside our property, and you wish to make yourself beautiful, for nail polish users, please polish your nails elsewhere than on the beds! Any indelible stains caused are the responsibility of our guests.
In the toilet bowl, it is strictly forbidden to throw anything other than toilet paper.
In the family rooms, there are stairs to the first floor or to the mezzanine. We strongly advise against running up or down them.
We do not have a safe in the rooms and therefore any valuables or items considered to be valuables should not be left or stored in the rooms or in the vehicles parked in our car park! We accept no responsibility for the loss, theft or mysterious disappearance of these items!

At the end of their stay, our visitors undertake to return the rooms in perfect condition and to inform us of any damage made under their responsibility, and therefore to assume the financial responsibility.

On arrival, our guests will be given the keys to their rooms. We ask you to take care of them and not to lose them during your stay. Any loss of a key will incur an additional cost of 70€.

The SPA relaxation area

On private reservation, according to availability, for a maximum of 1 hour at the time of your arrival. There is a charge for this service.

You will fully benefit from this space if you know your limits and respect the rules of prudence.

The SPA Relaxation area is available upon prior reservation (the day before if possible) from 10:30 am to 7 pm.

Access to the SPA relaxation area is forbidden to any minor not accompanied by an adult.

This area will be entirely privatized, just for you, upon reservation!

For obvious security reasons, our SPA Relaxation area is locked outside of reservation hours.


“The internal regulations of each swimming pool shall include at least the requirements set out in Annex III-8 – Article A322-6 of the Sports Code. They are displayed in a visible manner for users. “

Simple gestures allowing SPA users to actively participate in maintaining good water quality for longer:

Do not use the spa and sauna if you have wounds, infections or communicable diseases (colds, sore throat, gastroenteritis, etc.), heavy alcohol consumption and poor physical condition.
Wear a clean swimming costume in the changing rooms. Long hair should be tied back.
Respect the barefoot/barefoot zones when leaving the changing rooms to the shower and to the spa and sauna. If you have the opportunity, please feel free to bring clean rubber-soled flip-flops or sandals for use in this area only.
For reasons of hygiene, we strongly advise you not to go back and forth between the spa and the sauna once you are in the SPA Relaxation area.
Go to the toilet and take a soapy shower before entering the spa and sauna. It is strictly forbidden to apply any kind of body oil or cream before using the spa and sauna.
All minors must be strictly supervised by an adult, and for children who do not know how to swim, the wearing of armbands is strongly recommended. In addition, children under 10 years of age are not allowed to use the spa with the jets on (-10 years).
It is forbidden to run in the SPA and to dive in the jacuzzi.

We would be very grateful if you could leave the SPA Relaxation area in the same condition as you found it on arrival.

The spa, which is available to our guests, has 4 seats. It is therefore forbidden to have more than 4 people in the spa.
The time spent in the spa must not exceed 15 consecutive minutes per person. Due to the high temperature of the water, prolonged bathing is not without consequences for the human body (hyperthermia, fatigue, lethargy, loss of reasoning, loss of consciousness and therefore risk of drowning).
Pregnant women and women who think they may be pregnant should consult their doctor before using the spa. This is due to the high temperature of the water.
It is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke or take drugs in the SPA relaxation area. Beware of the drowsiness effect caused by taking certain medications before entering the spa: risk of discomfort and therefore risk of drowning.
Anyone with a known health problem should consult their doctor before entering the spa.
If, during a session in the hot tub, you experience breathing difficulties, leave the tub immediately and consult a doctor.
It is forbidden to bring into the spa any type of electrical and electronic equipment (mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, hair dryers, etc.). The risk of electrocution is very high. If an electrical, electronic or other device is accidentally dropped into the spa, the responsibility for this lies solely with the owner of the device in question.
Jewellery or other items should not be worn while using the spa. Any damage to such items is the sole responsibility of the person wearing them.
Enter and exit the spa slowly. The risk of slipping is real.
Have you just made an intense effort of some kind?  This is a good time to recover, but wait a little while before entering a spa! Take a deep breath and go in!
If water has unintentionally been spilled around the spa, a squeegee is available to remove the water to the drain in front of the unit.
All users of the spa do this under their own responsibility. It is strictly forbidden to pour any product whatsoever into the pool (soap, shampoo, oil, etc.).

If you have any doubts, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking a sauna session.

Sauna is not recommended for people with known and unstable heart problems and pathologies, hypertension, hypotension, circulatory disorders, aortic narrowing, acute infections with fever. For women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant, the sauna is contraindicated at the beginning of pregnancy and in the case of a pregnancy at risk. If you have an open wound, unfortunately, no sauna.

For travellers with diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, venous insufficiency or varicose veins and skin problems, please consult your doctor beforehand.

If you are prone to headaches, avoid sauna sessions: the alternation of heat and cold can be a trigger for headaches.

Sauna sessions are not recommended for children aged 2-3 years, as they are not aware of the possible limits that must not be crossed! We rely on your common sense.

Finally, if you can’t stand dry heat, avoid the sauna!

We do not accept any responsibility for accidents or incidents resulting from these recommendations.

The sauna, which is available to our guests, has 3 seats. It is therefore forbidden to have more than 3 people in the sauna at the same time.
Before entering the sauna, please remove your glasses, contact lenses and jewellery (risk of burns). If you also have smoking cessation patches, for example, please remove them, as the increased blood flow from the heat of the sauna promotes the absorption of these substances!
We advise you to sit on a small towel that you have put in place beforehand. This avoids sitting on possibly hot wood and protects the wood from perspiration.
Never force your limits, even if you think you know them: stop the session immediately at the first sign of discomfort.
Inside the sauna, breathe quietly through your mouth and not through your nose, as there is a risk of burning the nasal mucous membranes.
Before a sauna session, avoid alcohol and heavy meals. Wait at least 2 hours if this is the case. The risk of feeling unwell is high.
Beware of the drowsy effect caused by taking certain medications before entering the sauna: risk of fainting.
Here again, no electrical or electronic equipment inside the cabin.
Do not hesitate to rehydrate during a sauna session. Leave the water bottle outside the cabin, otherwise it will be hot! It is recommended that you drink water rather than a hot drink.
All sauna users do so at their own risk.
The SPA Relaxation area is a place of relaxation where peace and quiet are the order of the day. Let yourself go into a wanderlust…. The spa and sauna must be used for this purpose: no playing in the water, no shouting, no running…
We reserve the right to deny access to the SPA Relaxation area to anyone who does not respect or does not want to respect this wisdom.
It goes without saying that the parents of children present are responsible for the actions of their offspring in the SPA Relaxation area.
Example of a sauna session: Beware, you will sweat!

Just remember that your body temperature must not change during a sauna session, which is therefore based on the following principle: sweating/cooling.

To begin, take a hot shower with soap and then dry yourself.
1st sauna session: it is short: 5 to 10 minutes. Do not force yourself and relax. Remember, breathe through your mouth, quietly.
Get up slowly because there is a risk of dizziness, get out of the cabin and hop … into the shower … cold for a few seconds and then dry off.
Rest for 10 minutes and remember to rehydrate. You can lose up to 1 litre of water (sweat) per session!
2nd sauna session: longer: 10 to 15 minutes. Do not force yourself.
Take another cold shower and dry off.
Rest for 10 minutes while rehydrating.

These days, eco-tourism is a must. It contributes to the protection of the environment and the well-being of all.

This is why we ask our guests to take simple steps to ensure the health of our environment and consequently that of our planet:

Do not leave lights on unnecessarily, nor appliances on unnecessarily or on.
Do not leave tap water running unnecessarily (washbasin, shower, etc.).
Limit water consumption when showering, both in your room and in the SPA Relaxation area.
Only use toilet paper in the toilets.
At the end of your stay, in your room, remember to put down only the towels you have really used.
Practise selective sorting.